DevOps Engineering

Our services cover the whole spectrum of creating, putting into practise, testing, integrating, updating, and maintaining unique software systems


We engage in all aspects of the financial services and capital markets, providing engineering services backed by expertise, as attested to by the CFA designation. Banks, exchanges, hedge funds, market data suppliers, rating agencies, market utilities, insurance providers, fintech businesses, and inter-dealer brokers are some of our clients.


Finance - DevOps Engineering

Healthcare Software Development

The powerful digital solutions provided by DevOps Engineering assist healthcare and life sciences organisations in promoting innovation and digital transformation, improving outcomes and resolving challenging business issues.


Healthcare Software Development - DevOps Engineering

Retail & Distribution

We empower businesses in making the most out of their investments in innovative technology to gain a significant comparative advantage in addition to speed, scale and security.


DevOps Engineering - Retail Solutions

Media & Entertainment

DevOps Engineering designs, develops, and delivers innovative technical solutions for organisations in the digital media, music, sports, video, art, and publishing sectors.


DevOps Engineering - Media and Entertainment

Travel, Transportation & Hospitality

Engage with industry experts in travel software development to have your unique solutions designed, modified, or seamlessly integrated with existing operational systems.


Travel Transportation and Hospitality - DevOps Engineering


Development of Customised Software for eCommerce. Design or improve your eCommerce solutions to accelerate your organisation’s growth and provide your customers the greatest possible shopping experience.


eCommerce Solutions - DevOps Engineering


DevOps Engineering provides its expertise to manage your existing infrastructure, and collaborates with you to design, develop and implement significant migrations and upgrades to transform, secure and automate.


Education Services and Solutions - DevOps Engineering


Innovative technological solutions are designed, created, and delivered by DevOps Engineering for companies in the energy sector. The oil and gas giants BP and StatOil engage us to manage their IT projects.


Energy Solutions - DevOps Engineering