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DevOps Engineering Privacy Policy

DevOps Engineering, its affiliates, subsidiaries, and other corporate group members (collectively, “DevOps Engineering”) adopt this policy. We have established this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) to establish the terms and conditions on data collection to be used on this site because we are committed to protecting any personal data of users of this website and responsibly processing such data in accordance with applicable legislation.

You express your consent for your personal information to be received, stored, and applied in accordance with this policy by using this website and submitting your information to our contact addresses.

Please be advised that this website utilises and gathers cookies, including those from third parties. By modifying the privacy settings on your browser, you may disable the use of cookies at any time; however, this site may not operate entirely as a result.

Links to other websites can be found on this website. DevOps Engineering is not accountable for their privacy standards; therefore, we advise reading their policy.

Unless you have received another person’s agreement for the sharing and processing of their personal information in line with this Policy, you may not transmit any of their personal information to us.

This policy may be subject to modification by DevOps Engineering at any time.

DevOps Engineering Privacy and Cookie Policy

1. Introduction

DevOps Engineering Personal Data Protection Policy is comparable to this policy.

This policy outlines the procedures for gathering and using visitors’ personal information as well as other types of data. Unless a sub-domain publishes its own policy, this policy also applies to sub-domains of

2. Personal Information Collected and Processed

The types of data that could be gathered by this website are described below:

2.1) Personal information you send us, including information submitted through our “contact us,” “get in touch,” and other features as well as sending email to any e-mail address displayed therein, information in or pertaining to any communication you send us, including the communication’s content and associated metadata.

2.2) Information you provide when registering for webinars or events, such as your name, surname, email address, location, and position; Information you provide us when submitting your CV in response to any job advert on our website.

2.3) Information about your computer, visits to this website, and usage of it, including your IP address, location, operating system, browser type and version, length of visit, number of page views, and website navigation pathways.

Your information is not gathered by us with the intention of selling it.

3. Use of Personal Data

3.1) In accordance with your initial request, we may use your personal information to operate our website and company and for reciprocal connection for employment purposes. Your consent is necessary for this information, which is being provided in accordance with your earlier request for inverted connection for business and marketing communications. You must agree to receive this subscription-based message for marketing, statistical, and site improvement purposes.

3.2) To maintain the safety of our website and prevent fraud. If we, in our absolute discretion, consider it necessary in the process of using your personal information, we may transfer your information to one or more of DevOps Engineering’s affiliates, subsidiaries, and/or other members of the DevOps Engineering enterprise group. All DevOps Engineering subsidiaries, affiliates, and other enterprise group members have committed themselves to handle your data strictly in line with this Policy.

3.3) In order for us to use the information in line with this Policy, the personal data that we collect may be retained, processed, and transmitted across any countries and places where DevOps Engineering operates. We undertake to take all reasonable steps to secure your information at all our facilities where it is transmitted, stored, and processed.

3.4) For the gathering, processing, and preservation of your personal information, we may employ services from third parties. Before utilising such third-party services, the necessary documentation is accomplished between the third-party service provider and DevOps Engineering to assure that your personal information is secure and managed legitimately.

4. Basis for gathering personal data legally

4.1) Using “Consent Forms” that will retain the relevant documentation of the consent granted by the individual, personal data will be collected based on the consent of the data subject. We will always preserve and maintain each individual’s consent in our systems.

4.2) Leveraging contracts to collect personal information. We utilise personal data to fulfil our duties under the contracts and agreements we have with clients, business partners, and suppliers.

4.3) Information in relation to our legal basis for collecting personal data; If it is considered to be in our legitimate interest to use the data, and if the data subject’s privacy interests do not outweigh this interest, then we may do so. A common interest between DevOps Engineering and the specific person has often been determined during an evaluation to provide the legal basis for data gathering and retention. Our objectives for sales and marketing are principally supported by this legal foundation. A person’s privacy rights and the reason for data collection will be disclosed to them.

5. Disclosure of Personal Data to Third Parties

5.1) Provided as it is reasonably necessary for the reasons outlined in this Policy, we may disclose your personal information to any of our employees, officers, insurers, professional advisers, agents, suppliers, or subcontractors.

5.2) In cases where we, in good faith and at our discretion, feel that disclosing your Personal Information to a third party is required to comply with legal or regulatory obligations or an enforceable governmental request, to safeguard our interests or those of our clients or other third parties, to avert criminal activity or to maintain public safety, or to identify, prevent, or otherwise respond to potential fraud, security, or other technical issues.

5.3) We won’t disclose your personal information to other parties unless stated explicitly in this policy. Your Personal Information is never exchanged, leased, or sold to a third party for marketing purposes.

6. Security and Retention

6.1) We follow stringent security policies and regulations to safeguard against unauthorised access, data loss, abuse, and manipulation.

6.2) We’ll ensure your personal information is always stored exclusively on secure servers.
Your personal information won’t be retained any longer than required to achieve the purpose for which it was acquired.

6.3) Considering the other provisions of Section 6, we will keep records, including electronic records, containing personal data if we are required to do so by law, if we believe the records may be relevant to a current or future legal matter, or if we require the records to establish, exercise, or defend our legal rights including providing information to others for the purposes of fraud prevention and reducing credit risk. When it is no longer necessary, we will securely remove the personal information we have acquired. Data may be processed for statistical analysis, however in those circumstances, the data will be anonymised.

7. Your personal data and your rights

7.1) You have several rights as a data subject including:

Request access and acquire a copy of your data.
To ask DevOps Engineering to correct any inaccurate or incomplete data.
The right to request DevOps Engineering to cease processing your data, for instance when the data is no longer required for processing.
If DevOps Engineering is processing your data based on its legitimate interests, you may object to that processing.
Any permission to the processing of personal data to be withdrawn at any time.
The right to file a complaint with a supervisory body and request a limitation on future data processing if there is a disagreement over the accuracy or processing of your personal data.

Any questions you may have regarding your privacy rights should be emailed to along with the subject line “Privacy Rights Question”.

You have the ability to apply directly to your national supervisory authority for a decision if you are still dissatisfied.

8. How to Prevent Your Personal Information from Being Gathered

Please send an email with the subject “Privacy Rights Withdrawal” to if you would rather not have us use the information you submitted while using our website.

9. About cookies and how they are implemented

9.1) Cookies are used on this website. A cookie is a small data file that contains a string of letters and numbers which is transmitted from a web server to a web browser and kept by the browser specifically for a certain client and website. Each time the browser asks the server for a page, the identifier is then transmitted back to the server. In addition, the page itself may contain script that is aware of the information in the cookie and may carry information from one visit to the website, or associated site, to the next website. This enables the server to produce a page that is customised for a specific user.

9.2) Cookies don’t generally include information that directly identifies a user, but we may link the data stored in and retrieved via cookies to the personal information we have on record for you.
Web servers can use cookies to recognise and monitor users as they travel between pages of a website and to recognise users that are returning to a website.

9.3) Cookies may be used by us for retargeting and other similar purposes. To target our marketing to you as well as your interests, we leverage targeting cookies. Also, they assist determine the success of the advertising campaign and reduce the number of times you are exposed to advertisements. They keep track of the websites you’ve visited, and they could provide this information to other businesses, such marketers. While these cookies can monitor your visits to other websites, they typically do not have any personal information about you. Without these cookies, the online ads you see would not be as tailored to your needs and preferences.

9.4) We may also enable select third-party businesses to assist us in customising advertisements that we believe may be of interest to visitors as well as to collect and utilise additional information about user interactions on our site as part of re-marketing (e.g., to allow them to tailor ads on third party services). These businesses may distribute advertisements that could also set cookies and follow user activity using other methods. DevOps Engineering achieves this via third-party vendor re-marketing tracking cookies, such as the Google AdWords tracking cookie. This indicates that we will keep displaying advertisements to you across the Internet, particularly on the Google Content Network (GCN).

9.5) It is essential to know that we are not gathering any personally identifying data by using Google’s or any other third-parties’ remarketing system. The third-party vendors, whose services we utilise, such as Google, will set cookies on users’ web browsers in order to deliver advertisements based on previous visits to our website. Cookies are used by third-party vendors, such as Google, to deliver adverts based on a visitor’s recent visits sessions on our website. This enables us to continue promoting our business to individuals who have shown interest while also providing unique offers to them.

9.6) DevOps Engineering additionally makes use of reCAPTCHA. The software known as reCAPTCHA, which guards against fraud and abuse on our website, is governed by the terms of service and Google Privacy Policy.

10. Blocking cookies

DevOps Engineering does not mandate that you accept cookies, and you may simply opt out of our usage of them by modifying the privacy settings in your browser. If you choose to reject cookies certain features on our site could become inaccessible. You can decide not to download cookies by clicking Reject All when you arrive at our website, or you can modify your browser setting to disallow download of cookies.