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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Services

Let us help you in discovering the possibilities and solutions that lie beneath the surface in a world filled with uncertainty and unforeseen circumstances. DevOps Engineering provides comprehensive AI services that help businesses build intelligent processes, significantly improve productivity, and save costs. We provide artificial intelligence services that introduce new opportunities for businesses.

DevOps Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services

AI & ML Services provided by DevOps Engineering

AI Consulting

  • AI Consulting
  • AI innovation strategy
  • AI readiness assessment
  • Architecture design sessions and Proof-of-Concept implementations
  • AI/ML project planning and consulting

Data Science and Custom Model Development

  • Creation and training of specialised ML and DL models
  • Custom Image Processing
  • Text Mining and Custom NLP

AI/ML Accelerators

  • AutoML
  • Intelligent Document Processing

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
Watford Borough Council
University of Bedfordshire
University of Nottingham
Three Rivers District Council
The Boxing Gloves
Schlumberger Scientific Research Centre

Predictive and Recommendation Systems

  • Analyse diverse data sets and reveal meaningful insights to gain transparency over the existing state and the primary pain points. Enable time series analysis, customer classification, segmentation, anomaly detection, performance optimisation, and fraud detection solutions within your business infrastructure.
  • Monitor your assets to achieve cybersecurity and physical security objectives
  • Predict quality, maintenance, revenue, or future evolutions of factors directly or indirectly affecting your business Personalise user experiences to make the product intuitive and customised for all users, including your employees and external associates.

Computer Vision

  • Optical Character Recognition to extract text from images.
  • Image Analysis processes visual features in images, such as objects, faces, adult material, and auto-generated text descriptions.
  • Facial recognition solution to detect, identify and analyse human faces for various scenarios such as identity verification, touchless access control, and privacy-preserving facial blurring.
  • Spatial Analysis analysis is used to detect people on a video feed and to create events for other systems.
  • Object detection to identify object instances of a specific class within an image
  • Image processing to take, categorise, extract, validate, and export images
  • Video stream processing

Natural Language Processing

  • Enhanced texts, speech, and cognitive analytics.
  • Analysing both structured and unstructured data.
  • Digital assistants and Chatbots.
  • Text generation.
  • Sentimental evaluation.

Data Mining and Analytics

  • Sophisticated data analytics.
  • Clustering.
  • Pattern Recognition.
  • Analytical Statistics.
  • Data Visualisation.

What Makes DevOps Engineering the Best Provider for AI/ML Services?

Without the need to pre-program the software, we provide artificial intelligence solutions with human-like abilities including reasoning, learning, and self-improvement. Our project methodology for AI and Data Science is distinct from conventional research for software delivery projects.

We help organisations:

  • Enhance your data science and AI abilities including NLP, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
  • Build new Big Data and model deployment infrastructure (often cloud-based)
  • Adopt a new ethos of business and data scientist collaboration


DevOps Engineering can help setup AI capabilities or cover data and analytics shortages for companies who don’t have the internal talent they need or don’t want to hire new employees until the benefits of AI are established.

DevOps Engineering is focused on research as well as providing end-to-end solutions, beginning with Solution Design and concluding with the deployment of ML-models and integration into the current or newly built client environment.




We utilise AI and machine learning technologies to help your financial organisation acquire a competitive advantage. We provide AI-driven fraud detection, risk management, and financial consulting models to help you understand your system and its major problem areas. Our cybersecurity solutions can help you uncover important financial factors and make data-driven decisions.

Retail & Distribution

In retail, artificial intelligence improves experiences, provides more precise forecasting, and automated inventory management. DevOps uses machine learning-based personalisation and recommendation systems to provide your consumers with innovative products. By eliminating the aspects that make your operations inefficient, our artificial intelligence and machine learning models are revolutionising the retail industry.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

DevOps Engineering integrates preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic solutions into your infrastructure. Our AI solutions will improve your performance and present new opportunities, such as new drug discovery, breast cancer detection, and telehealth. We help you integrate increasingly efficient diagnostic, decision-making, and interpretation tools to build a more innovative healthcare system.

How We Work

We provide a comprehensive array of AI and Machine learning services for every sector, including Healthcare and Life Sciences, Finance, Media and Entertainment, Travel and Hospitality, Energy, Retail and Distribution, Ecommerce and Education. DevOps Engineering is committed to providing our clients best-in-class performance by creating platforms that cater to their demands and enable them to boost their return on investment through the automation of business operations. We deliver robust engineering solutions for machine learning and artificial intelligence that integrate easily with the client’s business model to increase growth.

We are a provider of AI services that takes a human approach towards issues. Our objective is to provide our clients with valuable and cost-effective solutions. We have implemented a method for approaching R&D projects that enables us to monitor the development at every level and deliver solutions gradually, enabling clients to decide in continuing or to make adjustments if required.

1.1Feasibility study

2–4 weeks
  • Investigate relevant datasets in terms of data amount and field selection; develop ETL
  • Test various Machine learning models, algorithms, and libraries

1.2 Building PoC

1–3 months
  • Selected most appropriate dataset, model and model parameters
  • Prepare an Machine learning model using production data for a simulation
  • Elaborate on a suitable integration approach

2 Going live

Duration is determined by the project.
  • Develop and integrate a Machine Learning model for production
  • Optimise and develop the model with new production data, weights, parameters
  • Improved model rollout

3 Support

Support and minor improvements
effectiveness monitoring and evaluation


The artificial intelligence services provided by DevOps Engineering also include pre-made solutions that can be installed in your company’s infrastructure immediately. Our accelerators may be used for sensor-driven or data-intensive jobs and significantly speed up the development of AI projects.

The ability to examine a large volume number of contexts is provided to clients by an intelligent document processing accelerator, which comprehends the information included in the documents and extracts the necessary data. By automating particular data science-related operations, AutoML makes machine learning (ML) accessible by those who are not machine learning specialists. This machine learning service is the ideal solution for both end-to-end Machine Learning Automation and a significant advancement in model building for local data scientists.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Technology

DevOps Engineering has a prominent place among the leading providers of artificial intelligence services worldwide. Our engineers utilise contemporary technology, including top-tier cloud-based MLaaS solutions and open-source deep or traditional learning libraries. To offer intelligent and scalable artificial intelligence and machine learning models, we collaborate with the best cloud service providers.

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