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DevOps Engineering helps ensure the commercial and technical success of distributed ledger initiatives and assists businesses in evaluating the value of blockchain to their operations.

Analysis of objectives and consultation on DLT methods

Providing guidance on technology options and the present state of technology

Blockchain workshops

Intensively experimenting with available blockchain tools and technology and implementing ideas in blockchain workshops

Developing new products and services

Idea generation, prototype, MVP, and completed products

Decentralised and distributed software

Developing distributed applications and reliable trading solutions using thorough research and tested development frameworks

Integration services

Solutions for integrating blockchain technology products seamlessly into existing business processes. Integration with business software and systems, including cloud computing, KYC/AML providers, and exchanges

Legacy systems' modernisation and re-engineering

Re-engineering legacy systems to provide more efficiency, increased speed, and to deliver better results. Ensuring a smooth transition by lowering risk and minimising disruption.

Blockchain in Different Sectors

We can provide high-quality blockchain solutions in complex and enterprise environments thanks to our cross-industry knowledge.


Boost underwriting precision, lower administrative expenses, streamline operations, and prevent fraud

Financial Services

Reduce the complexity of industry intermediate functions

Retail and Logistics

Transparency, ease of use, and confidence in procedures

Travel and Hospitality

Ensure the security and safety of the transportation environment, expedite transactions, and improve consumer happiness

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Enhance patient care by eliminating expensive administrative inefficiencies.

Media and Entertainment

Disrupt current revenue and digital supply chain models


Develop the online gaming sector to make it more secure, equitable, and trustworthy

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Google Cloud

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