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Virus outbreaks, staff negligence, and non-compliance with regulations can all be avoided with the use of security testing services. To protect a business from data breaches, maintain compliance, and eliminate security vulnerabilities, security testing should be a part of every product development life cycle.

Developing your security environment on your own might be difficult. As part of the software development life cycle, DevOps Engineering, a reputable security testing business, can help in your organisation’s readiness for, detection of, reaction to, and recovery from security breaches. We provide necessary cyber security testing tools to safeguard your critical business data from threats.

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Our Services for Security Testing and Assessment

Our expertise in evaluating the security of the solutions, on-premises and cloud infrastructure, of our clients has demonstrated that routine security audits may save thousands, perhaps millions in reputational damages, customer trust, business interruptions, productivity and more. Testing security is our highest priority.

DevOps Engineering provides complete security testing and security assessment services for all client-server, online, and mobile applications. We provide proven testing and assessment of cyber security services, such as:

Penetration Testing

A valid software security testing procedure that simulates an actual cyber-attack is called penetration testing. Its objective is to identify security system flaws and determine the potential severity of the attacks.

Cloud Security Audit

The cloud security test offered as part of DevOps Engineering's cyber security audit services scans the entire cloud environment for security flaws, collects reports, and makes suggestions for remediation steps.

Compliance Management

Our experts assure your comformance to the ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and GDPR requirements as well as the implementation of security measures including SOX, GLBA, and HIPAA. Along with conducting an exhaustive audit, they also provide recommendations for further actions that should be taken to stay current with all regulations.

Social Engineering Test

We provide a Social Engineering test which intends to train your staff and clients how to handle personal information with caution, recognise and report phishing emails, and be alert to any unusual behaviour from external sources.

Secure Code Review

During a secure code review, source codes are thoroughly examined to find faults and weak points. For the highest level of accuracy, DevOps Engineering's security testing solutions combine automated and manual evaluations.

Security Consulting

The cyber security testing specialists at DevOps Engineering manage your concerns about security in a variety of industries, including travel, healthcare, retail and more.

DevOps Engineering provides a distinctive Cybersecurity Assurance Program in addition to security testing services. It helps businesses in incorporating security into the early stages of the development cycle and before coding. Our cybersecurity assurance services aim to guarantee that your solution is developed in accordance with current security regulations and policies, with the minimal amount of risk of security flaws and data breaches.

Our Software Security Testing Expertise

DevOps Engineering has extensive expertise researching and evaluating system vulnerabilities as well as offering IT security testing services. Through a systematic approach and consistent methodology based on sector-wide best practises like OSSTMM, OWASP, WASC, and ISO27000, we offer a broad range of services to help businesses protect their products and infrastructure. We’re proud of our highly skilled professionals who provide each client with a customised and individualised service.

Cybercrime causes businesses to lose more than £300 billion annually

The average cost of stolen sensitive records is £200

An automated SQL Injection attack can result in losses of up to £190 000 owing to a single unsanitised field

New threats and attack vectors emerge daily in the dynamic world of cybersecurity. To discover, analyse, and prioritise threats to data, operations, technology, and people, it is crucial for your organisation to regularly schedule security assessment and penetration testing activities. By utilising our cyber security assessment and testing services your business will be able to:

  • Early security vulnerability detection for your IT infrastructure
  • Preventing unauthorised access to critical information and preventing system outages
  • Avoid revenue loss and reputational damage
  • Immediately address any upcoming security incidents to minimise business impact
  • Comply with international requirements and avert penalties
  • Decrease attack surface to reduce application and network hacking possibilities

Why Should You Use DevOps Engineering?

With over ten years of experience in cybersecurity we provide a diverse customer security testing portfolio that comprises small enterprises as well as large organisations. Our comprehensive IT security testing begins with analysis and requirement formulation, progresses through exploitation, and concludes with actionable findings and remedial suggestions. Numerous security audit and testing projects have been sucessfully completed. We maintain successful long-term cybersecurity relationships with clients in banking, retail, healthcare, travel, and IoT. We have a proficient security team consists of OSCP and CEH certified experts. Our security testing services professionals will help you in protecting your company from all security breaches.

Our security testing services include IT auditing and penetration testing for your organisation, as well as ongoing recommendations to secure your data. You can rely on us to help take care of all your requirements with software security testing solutions.

Why is security testing necessary?

The objective of security testing is to identify flaws in your systems and platforms that could lead to a security breach. In order to achieve a better degree of security, testing activities help you check your organisation's current security controls and discover misconfigurations.

When should security testing be performed?

DevOps Engineering recommends assessing the security of your applications and IT infrastructure regularly, and at least once annually, and also following large systemwide updates. The constant nature of vulnerabilities in today's cyber threats, however, forces organisations to adopt a continuous security assesment model. Regular utilisation of automated security assessment technologies increases IT staff awareness and helps in identifying the first layer of vulnerability. When combined with manual testing, you can be confident that all bases are covered.

Do you have recommendations from past clients?

Yes, DevOps Engineering has collaborated with Fortune 500 and Inc 500 organisations from a variety of sectors all around the world. Our clients are CTOs, CIOs, and CISOs, therefore we may need some time to notify them before you contact them.

What types of reports are available after security testing?

A comprehensive report is provided at the end of a project which includes both an executive overview (with an opinion letter accompanying it) regarding the finished project and information on the security concerns that were found, together with detailed POC descriptions. We also offer suggestions for effective remediation for each issue.

Are IoT products or services testable?

Considering their complex architectural design, embedded systems can be susceptible to security breaches. DevOps Engineering ensures that all use cases and the full attack surface are covered in our security testing operations.

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