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Development of Futuristic Solutions

DevOps Engineering provides a comprehensive array of data analytics and consulting services, assisting businesses of every size and data maturity level gain insights from data and outperform competitors.

Through augmented analytics, agile Business Intelligence (BI) platforms, and improved data practises, we, as a data analytics consulting company, help clients in finding decision intelligence and transformation into insight-driven organisations.

DevOps Data and Analytical Consulting Services

Consulting for Data & Analytics

  • Data strategy
  • Consultancy for data management capabilities
  • Data platform architecture, solution design, and Proof of Concept
  • BI consulting
  • Data science advice

Data Transformation

  • Identifying and enhancing data
  • Democratisation of data
  • Modernisation of data analytics

Platform Data Implementation

  • Platform for business insights data
  • Embedded BI data platform for products
  • AI/ML workload data platform

Operations and Services for Data Engineering

  • Modeling, integrating, and engineering data
  • Analytics and BI implementation
  • Migrations of data architecture and re-platforming

Network Rail
GE Money

Enterprise Consultancy for Advanced Analytics


Analyse your infrastructure using risk management, customer, and business insight analytics. Our data analytics services will assist you in developing effective business strategies and gaining a thorough understanding of your competitive landscape.

Investigate your financial options and develop your business.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Improve the effectiveness of clinical procedures and other aspects of healthcare. Clinical data, diagnostics, and business management may all be improved with the help of healthcare analytics.

The timing is perfect for your digital revolution to effectively utilise clinical data.


Discover process customisation and product personalisation.

Uncover practical insights that can influence business decisions with our advanced analytics consulting services.

Retail and Distribution

Our data consulting services can help you personalise your customer service and enable efficient management across many locations.

Media & Entertainment

Utilise behavioural analytics for a thorough understanding of your consumers.

Improve services and internal products by managing data correctly. Benefit from a competitive edge in the market with the help of our data and analytics solutions.

Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality

Analysing pricing, occupancy rates, seasonal trends, and local events data can help you sell the right product to the right customers at the right time.

Integrated solutions incorporate technologies that will enable you to build before-and-after scenarios utilising your transportation data to evaluate the success of your project.


Data Platforms

  • Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Lakehouse, Data Fabric and Data Mesh
  • Modern Cloud / Hybrid / On-Prem Data Architecture
  • Optimised processing and scalable storage
  • Full spectrum of use cases, including reporting, self-service, business intelligence (BI), data science, and machine learning
  • Data Architecture Modernisation, Migration and Cost-Optimisation

Data Management

  • Metadata/Lineage/Catalogue/Data Discovery, Lean Data Governance
  • Comprehensive Data Quality Management
  • Management of Operational, Master, and Reference Data
  • Access control, data security, privacy, and compliance
  • Data-Driven Business Transformation, Data Management and Data Strategy Consulting

Data Engineering

  • Stack for Modern Data Engineering
  • Modelling, Integration, and Transformation of ETL/ELT Data
  • Data Pipelines, Orchestration, Monitoring, Observability, CI/CD, Automation, and Quality Management
  • Rapid Data Onboarding, Scalable and Flexible Data Ingestion, CDC

Data Products, Analytics, BI, Data Visualisation and Data-Driven Apps

  • Data-as-a-Service and Data-as-a-Product that are both accessible and discoverable
  • Dashboards, Reports, Embedded BI, Self-Service, Interactive, and Ad-Hoc Querying
  • Agile Business Intelligence, Semantic Layer Modelling, and Actionable Insights
  • Adding AI/ML Capabilities to Data and Analytics Products
  • Data-Driven Apps and Portals, Using Intuitive Data Visualisation of Complex Data
  • Data Exchanges, Marketplaces, Data Sharing, Data Distribution, and Data APIs

Building Modern Data Analytics Architectures

The design philosophies of contemporary data analytics architectures have undergone a considerable change as a result of the development of big data and cloud technologies, as well as a rise in business involvement with data and analytics. DevOps Engineering data analytics experts help build flexible, modular architecture structures that allow for component evolution at the speed of business. These platforms allow safe data management and governance, real-time and batch processing, on-demand scaling, and resource-based billing.

Building Modern Data Analytics Architectures

Sample Architecture of a Data Management Platform

Deliverables for Clients

DevOps Engineering provides the following through the design and development of contemporary data analytics architectural solutions:

  • A versatile and modular data analytics framework that adapts to changing business requirements
  • Architecture that is adaptable to new data sources, applications, and scalability
  • Analytical shift from historical reporting to predictive and prescriptive
  • The capacity for corporate agility and digital transformation
  • Introduction of self-service and Citizen X (integrator, data scientist, etc.)
  • Leveraging next-generation cloud technologies, reduced costs and expedited change in data architecture and analytics
  • Data sharing, provenance, quality, security, and governance that is driven by business will democratise data, business intelligence, and advanced analytics
  • Increased responsiveness to users of line-of-business (LOB)

Client ownership of the product

  • Design and delivery of modern data architecture
  • Deployment of data analytics
  • Data and analytics approach

Our Skills and Expertise

DevOps Engineering uses the skills of our experts in data and analytics consulting to plan and create high-quality data analytics solutions:

  • Data Engineering and Data Integration
  • Data Lakes, Data Warehousing, and EDW Automation
  • Real-time, Graph data analytics, and Big data analytics
  • Management of Metadata, Lineage, and Data Governance
  • Data Visualisation, BI, Reporting
  • Machine learning and Data Science
  • API Data Delivery, Data Distribution
  • Semantic data, Management of Master and Reference Data
  • Applications Powered by AI

Data Management to Support an Organisation Driven by Insights

Businesses must develop data structures and procedures that ensure transparency, dependability, and accessibility while also permitting direct real-time engagement with data by business users in order to make actionable intelligence possible. By constructing business-focused POCs and steadily improving the data analytics platform and procedures, DevOps Engineering’s analytics consultants assist clients in establishing a modern data management foundation and Agile self-service BI.

The following objectives are achieved by organisations with the help of DevOps Engineering’s data consulting services:

  • Establishing strong data quality management and integration processes to help achieve excellent data quality
  • Define a effective framework for data governance that is value-driven, business-led, and supports data protection, modeling, and integration
  • Data lineage and metadata management improves data management efficiency, transparency, and trust
  • Make analytics and data readily available to a variety of business users and drive user interaction with those data platforms
  • Ongoing evolution of the data architecture and operating model ensures successful delivery of high-priority business use cases
  • Data management
Data Management to Support an Organisation Driven by Insights

The Journey to Modern Data Management


DevOps Engineering, a provider of data analytics services, offers the following data and analytics consulting services to accomplish these objectives:

Consultancy for Data strategy
Data landscape profiling
Advanced analytics consulting
Data and analytics pain points and business scenarios are analysed and prioritised
Solution strategy definition-architecture and operational model evolution, POC funnel, business case delivery
Capability evaluation, target state visioning, solution design, technology and resource selection, and implementation in:

  • Data governance and quality control
  • Data lineage and Metadata management
  • Modeling and Integrating data
  • Data Architecture and Storage
  • Data Warehousing and Reporting
  • Advanced analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Management of master and reference data
  • Semantic and Graph data
  • Distribution of Data and Data products

Agile Business Intelligence

The transformation to an insight-driven business is dependent on democratised, rapid, and easy access to data, business intelligence, and analytics. Giving a wide variety of business users the capacity to gain insights from data leads to a greater understanding of consumers, markets, and operations, and improves a organisations’s ability to adapt to change rapidly.

DevOps Engineering, a data analyst consulting service provider, strives to achieve the following goals while designing and developing Agile BI solutions:

Self-service BI augments typical standardised Data Warehouse (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) workloads

This enables business users to easily acquire data and explore its value by constructing analytical models or visualisations in minutes or hours

Analyse and select self-service BI or analytics toolkits which are customised for organisations

(For example, visualisation/dashboarding, detailed computation modeling, or ML-powered analytics)

Integrate BI

Integrate business intelligence with data lineage and metadata management foundations to provide comprehension within the context knowledge of data flow, semantics, and quality attributes

Accelerate the transition

Accelerate the transition from business user research to fast prototyping/proof-of-concept (PoC) development by a centralised BI or data analytics team


Produce BI governance, utilisation monitoring, and analytics to constantly curate, rationalise, standardise, optimise, and manage business-use case solutions

Integrate and automate

Integrate and automate Business Intelligence and analytics into line-of-business systems and business processes to deliver relevant and useful insights


Implement usage monitoring and analytics to record Agile BI value metrics, and support the understanding, acknowledgement and continuance of organisational transformation


Develop a sustainable framework for data protection with accessible business intelligence

A diverse array of other BI services
Discovering the Potential of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science

As a data analytics consulting company, DevOps Engineering helps its clients adopt machine learning (ML), predictive analytics, and Data Science to achieve their business goals while ensuring data privacy, model explainability, regulatory and compliance requirements, and operational best practises

The absence of internal experience and talent is a significant organisational obstacle for ML and Data Science. DevOps Engineering solves this need by providing short-term data consulting services from data scientists who can make long-term, sustainable improvements through:

  • Designing and adopting ML tools and data platforms
  • Designing and adopting a data science process that integrates learning techniques with the research and application of business cases
Discovering the Potential of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science

Unlocking Data Science in an Organisation


DevOps Engineering provides a variety of consultancy, data integration, and custom development services to assist the transition to data science, including:

Artificial Intelligence Consulting

  • Seminars on Artificial Intelligence vision
  • Architecture design workshops using Data Lakes and solutions incorporating AI
  • Implementation of a Proof-of-Concept for AI
  • Planning, consulting, and evaluation of projects involving artificial intelligence and data science

Big Data & Integration

  • Data integration pipeline development
  • Text mining and natural language processing (NLP)
  • Integration of unique and third-party models into an already-existing system or application
  • Integration of data feeds (data feeds, data APIs)
  • Data preparation and processing
  • Integration of intelligent agents (chatbots)
  • Cloud-based AI/ML platform unification

Development of unique models and data science

  • Custom ML model development and training
  • Creation & Training of Custom DL Models
  • Specialised image processing
  • Text mining and customised NLP

System Development and Custom Algorithms

  • Specialised algorithm implementation
  • Solutions for specialised data quality management
  • Model deployment and operation
  • Development of bespoke intelligent agents (chatbots) and applications

Amazon AWS
Google Cloud

Data & Analytics Challenges

Many businesses that have a dedicated analytics setup, staff, and infrastructure find it difficult to turn complicated data into a competitive advantage to drive business. Clients in these businesses typically have difficulties related to either technology efficiency, operational efficiency, or a mix of both. The first cause relates to the limitations and flaws of legacy data analytics systems, while the second is characterised by a lack of coordination between business users and the IT department, which has traditionally been in charge of data analytics and reporting. For these issues, DevOps Engineering provides a wide range of data management consulting services and solutions. Numerous successful data projects and happy clients attest to our ability.

What purpose does business intelligence serve in a company?

Businesses often use business intelligence (BI) to get data-driven insights into their operations and, based on these insights, to enhance their ability to make decisions and the customer experience. Data mining, business analysis, and data visualisation are all combined in robust BI solutions to assist business users in delving into the details of each data trend. DevOps Engineering experts have a wealth of expertise providing BI and the appropriate tools to businesses of all sizes and industries.

How can I determine the business insights my organisation needs from data for long-term success?

The first step is to evaluate your organisation's data maturity level and establish your strategic objectives, as every organisation has a different requirement for data management, governance, BI, or analytics.

How and why is data management and analytics done at your company? Do you have reliable and accurate data?
Can business users access and manipulate data from all sources? Do you gather enough information to use it as a foundation for making strategic decisions? Professional specialists from a data consulting company, like ours, must respond to each of these queries. To get help with your data difficulties, contact our data analytics specialist.

What services in data and analytics does DevOps Engineering provide?

DevOps Engineering is a data analytics consulting firm that provides a full range of data-related services, including data management and data science, agile BI, building modern data platforms, and unlocking AI, ML, and data science capabilities that transform organisations into businesses that are truly insight-driven rather than just data-driven.

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