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Dedicated Delivery Centre

DevOps Engineering values ongoing partnerships with its clients over one-off projects. We provide a Dedicated Development Centre and a flexible collaboration approach to ensure substantial and mutually beneficial partnerships.

DevOps Dedicated Delivery Centre

The Dedicated Development Centre works well for large teams engaged in lengthy projects. Long-term ROI and value-for-money is increased by this engagement strategy. A DDC has a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than alternative outsourcing models (T&M, fixed pricing), as well as hiring engineering teams internally.

DevOps Engineering’s Dedicated Development Centres’ provide teams of IT experts that focus on your project. We consider the requirements of your organisation, your project’s technical specifications, and the seniority levels of our experts when appointing resources to your project.

Our teams of highly skilled engineers have assisted organisations in accelerating their work with a quicker time-to-market while being long-term viable.

Advantages of Dedicated Development Centres

  • Strong, elastic (scalable), out-of-the-box development and delivery capabilities
  • Increased success rate and accelerated time to market compared to hiring a new in-house team
  • Regulated and sustainable production flow
  • Inexpensive cost and flexible pricing – Scale as required
  • Risk reductions in management, security, and compliance
  • Minimal risks for communication and predictable results
  • There is no requirement to register a legal entity if we operate there already
  • Secured Intellectual Property rights
  • Price Transparency

Reasons to Select DevOps Engineering for a DDC

Your organisation should consider a few key elements when selecting a DDC partner for a lengthy project. The supplier should have in-depth knowledge of your industry, rich expertise in setting up and running offshoand nearshore development centres, and a well-established yet adaptable software development and delivery methodology. The supplier should be reputable and be well-known on the local labour market.

Almost 10 years Industry Experience
Globally dispersed offices and remote employees
Specialists in forming and managing development teams
Utilising a comprehensive approach to compliance and security

  • AICPA SOC 2 Type II certification
  • IP rights and client ownership are stipulated in the MSA
  • Robust corporate compliance, security, and monitoring procedures

Positive HR culture and a support for employees

  • 96% staff retention rate
  • Numerous HR honours and awards received internationally
  • 15% staff attrition rate

Stringent hiring criteria

  • Our process of selecting candidates is rigorous with 15% of applicants hired
  • Opportunities are offered to 35% of interviewees
  • Efficient HR onboarding process

Skilled experts eager to collaborate on a new project
High-quality software development standards
Meticulously planned and managed delivery processes
Domain expertise in Finance, Travel, Transportation & Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Retail & Distribution, Energy, Education and E-commerce.

We excel in staffing project teams. The core team, including the technical and/or QA lead, is often staffed from a pool of available professionals for new DDC projects and is prepared for onboarding immediately. With custom scaling in mind, we ensure that the DDC’s recruitment efforts are given priority.

Which types of projects are suitable for the DDC model?

DevOps Engineering defines the following formal requirements for a DDC:

  • More than 10 full-time employees as minimum during the first 12 months
  • Duration of the engagement is normally 18 months or longer (preferably 3 years or more)


Our experience has demonstrated that large and mid-size organisations frequently use a DDC to transition technology vendors for extended contracts and/or to expand geographically.

Growing businesses leverage the advantages of DDC's to enhance their capacity by opening an office abroad or outsourcing non-key competencies that their in-house team lacks. Growing businesses use DDC's to complete all of the necessary procedures and have their digital product ready for the impending investment phase.

If you are unsure as to whether your project qualifies for a DDC, get in touch with us. We'll provide advice on how to proceed with the optimal engagement strategy.

What is covered by the monthly DDC cost?

The monthly payment covers all necessary costs and DDC team support services.

Other engagement-specific costs are invoiced individually to offer greater cost transparency and control. These services are often offered to clients by DevOps Engineering on a "pay as you use" basis.

Will the DDC team be based remotely or locally?

Although either choice is possible, the staffing timeline may vary depending on the model chosen.

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