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Legacy Modernisation

The age of a legacy system does not automatically define it. It may lack support or fail to fulfil an organisation’s evolving requirements. In some cases legacy systems are difficult to maintain, support, enhance, or integrate with packaged or customised software.

DevOps Legacy Modernisation

We enable companies to modify and re-engineer legacy software systems in order to:

  • Future-proof critical business operations
  • Unlock data and analytics possibilities
  • Increase client and staff satisfaction
  • Improve performance, quality, and scalability

Approaches to Legacy Modernisation

DevOps Engineering recommends and applies specific modernisation strategies for each client, ensuring that it meets their specific business and technological requirements. These strategies include:


The old system is decommissioned, and the entire system is rebuilt utilising new technology. It may be constructed from scratch or with the help of a third-party package as a foundation layer.


While the remainder of the system is still using old technology, a component block of an IT system is replaced with new technology and moved to production as a distinct application. Over time, the remaining component blocks are replaced with individual applications, and the entire system is progressively rebuilt.


Localised, small-scale updates are made to the application utilising new technology to solve specific concerns, while the application's basic design and technology remain unchanged. To bridge the functionality gap, a frequent option is to create a new application that will be integrated with the existing main application.

Improve existing

The current system is modernised to improve results through enhanced design. Usually, the fundamental core technology stack is unchanged and minor additions are applied.

No system change

Clients are adopting a wait-and-see attitude rather than undertaking any modernisation or system change initiatives.

We adhere to fundamental business agility concepts and apply them to the reality of contemporary technology throughout all of our modernisation projects:
  • DevOps and rapid-deployment foundation
  • Infrastructure modernisation
  • Solution accelerators are rapidly developed and actively utilised
  • Multi-skilled, multi-functional (Business + Dev), outcome-oriented teams, component-based systems vs monolithic systems
  • Functionality takes up 80% of the expenditure, with modernisation being a secondary objective at 20%

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