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DevOps Solution Design

DevOps Engineering's Consulting Division, Our Solution Design Group, Specialises in:​

Product Design

developing new products that function as intended and achieve their objectives

System Modernisation

modernising legacy systems to enable business agility so that our clients can respond rapidly to market changes and new opportunities

Application Rationalisations

combining applications into one

Digital Transformation

assisting clients re-imagine their service techniques to customers using digital tools

Cybersecurity Assurance

assisting your business in eliminating any security-related concerns and ensuring you adhere to best practises as you develop and implement secure solutions

How We Work Together

We collaborate with our clients with a objective: ensuring their success. We work closely with our clients to understand their challenges within their business and user base.

We help our clients in accomplishing their objectives by working iteratively with them to completion, while keeping within their constraints. We ensure stakeholders are aligned and assist them in avoiding mistakes that can lead to the failure of IT projects.

A Solution Design project is a target-dated and upfront engagement with a predetermined fee. Four key work-streams are frequently involved in Solution Design projects:

DevOps Engineering helps companies with its business and technological expertise with the following :

Strategy & Alignment

We ensure we build the right product before we build it. We achieve stakeholder alignement on goals & objectives, constraints and scope through interviews, workshops and regular meetings.

User Experience

Ensuring the user is at the centre of your universe is the key to digitisation. There is a need for extensive prototyping so early business users can engage with something tangible. We can thereby effectively gather and refine their feedback to produce a intuitive, user-friendly solution.


ensuring that the solution is properly built. Moreover, we must be sure to swiftly identify and evaluate the most riskiest components.

Program/Process Management

Success depends on having correct procedures in place and accurately aligned throughout the business, especially for more significant transformation initiatives.

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